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List of real estate projects in Vietnam

The newest real estate projects in Vietnam. Suitable for foreigners. Full and clear legal. We will help you complete all legal procedures in Vietnam.

Sunbay Park Vietnam

Sunbay Park Hotel & Resort Ninh Thuan

  • Name of project: Sunbay Park Hotel & Resort Phan Rang
  • Investor: Crystal Bay Group
  • Contruction: Delta-V
  • Design: NDA Group ( France)
  • Operation and management: CrystalBay Hospitality
  • Bank guarantee: MB Bank
  • Address: Binh Son Ocean Park, Yen Ninh street, Phan Rang Town, Ninh Thuan Province
  • Area: 3,6ha + 4,7ha water park
  • Building density:
  • Number of block and floors: 3
  • Total investment: 5000 billions dong
  • Start: 4/2019
  • Finish: 6/2021
  • Type of real estate: 3300 luxury apartments (1-3 bedroom)
  • Ownership: House Ownership Certificate
  • Utility services: 101 five star unilities

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